How to blur sensitive information in guides| Driveway

Protect sensitive information with ease using the simple but powerful technique of blurring. In this blog post, learn how to blur text, images, and videos using driveway.


Chris Schilling


Oct 25, 2022

We're back with more updates and improvements. We're excited to share some new features that make editing and sharing your guides easier than ever.

— Auto-redact sensitive information from your screenshots
— Add new steps to your existing guides
— Engagement insights for guides in your workspace

Check out the video below and continue reading to learn more. 👇

🤖 AI-powered automatic redaction

Keep sensitive information secure by automatically redacting things like social security numbers, emails, addresses, and more from your Driveway guides. Just hit the "Redact sensitive information" button on any of your guides, and let Driveway take care of the rest or redact information manually.

🪜 Add more steps

Ever finish capturing a guide only to realize you missed a step? You can now add more steps to your guides for quick edits and updates. Click the "Add steps" button in the side navigation of any guide and select a browser tab to get started.

💍 Engagement insights

Last but not least, you can now see engagement insights for guides in your workspace. Click the view counter on your guides to see who's looked at your guide, how frequently they've viewed it, and where they might have gotten stuck.

‍And that's all for now! We hope you like these product changes. As always, please send any thoughts, feedback, or issues our way.